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The following books were written by New Zealand author-illustrator Kathryn Harper, who suffered from selective mutism as a child. Your purchases of Kathryn’s books from our website will include a $5 donation to VOICE. Please click on the images to learn more about each book …

Molly and Sam coverMolly and Sam is a new series of books, written by Paula Stone and illustrated by Kathryn Harper. Your purchases of Molly and Sam’s first book will include a $2 donation to VOICE.

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Selective Mutism In Our Own Words – Carl Sutton and Cheryl Forrester – An eye-opening and enlightening collection of stories from people living with Selective Mutism (SM), this book provides a much-needed platform for people with SM to share experiences of the condition in their own words.

Exploring all aspects of SM, from symptoms and diagnostic criteria, to triggers and the consequences of being psychologically unable to speak, the stories in this book dispel the myths around this often misunderstood condition. Far from refusing to talk, or choosing not to, the contributors offer genuine insights into why they simply cannot speak in certain situations or in front of certain people. Children, teens and adults from the UK and US share experiences of feeling isolated, struggling at school, and finding ways to communicate. Letting people with SM know that they are not alone with the condition, the book will also help family, friends and professionals to understand what it is like to live with SM.

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My Friend Daniel Doesn’t Talk – This beautifully illustrated story book is for children with severe shyness, social anxiety or selective mutism to see that they can make a friend like Ryan. It is also a helpful tool for friends of children like Daniel to understand why these children are unable to talk in certain settings.

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The Selective Mutism Resource Manual is an extensive resource, written for teachers, clinical and educational psychologists, speech language therapists, child psychiatrists and parents.

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Can I Tell You about Selective Mutism? – Maggie Johnson and Alison Wintgens – Meet Hannah – a young girl with selective mutism (SM). Hannah invites readers to learn about selective mutism from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is, what it feels like to have SM, and how they can help. This illustrated book is packed with accessible information and will be an ideal introduction to selective mutism. It shows family, friends and teachers how they can support a child with the condition and is also good place to start when encouraging children with SM to talk about how it affects them.

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Drifting in and out of my Two Worlds – Jessica Thorpe – This book follows the fascinating journey of a girl with selective mutism. Based on a true story and written in the first-hand knowledge of a sufferer who over-came Selective Mutism, it is a unique story which will grip readers from all audiences.

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Tortoise Girl – Jessica Thorpe – Shelly is ten years old and her life is ruled by Selective Mutism. Whenever she tries to speak, she and her six year old sister, Shyanne, both go into Tortoise Mode. One day at school, they find a secret cupboard in the toilets with Shelly’s best friend, Aimee, They go inside to discover that they are in the old school building which was shut down years before, and to Shelly and Shyanne’s shock and excitement, they meet the ghost children who say that they were the class of 1914 and they find that they can speak to them. The ghost children ask for their help, but all is not quite as it seems …

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Helping Your Child with Selective Mutism – This book offers a broad overview of selective mutism and reviews the diagnostic criteria for the disorder. The book details a plan you can use to coordinate professional treatment of your child’s disorder. It also explains the steps you can take on your own to encourage your child to speak comfortably in school and in his or her peer group. All of the book’s strategies employ a gradual, “stepladder” approach. The techniques gently encourage children to speak more, while at the same time helping them feel safe and supported.

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Maya’s Voice – Maya is a bright-eyed, inquisitive little girl who loves to share her sweet voice. But when she starts school, she loses the confidence to use her voice and goes about her school day in silence. With time, patience, understanding, and love from all those around her, Maya discovers her sweet voice.

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